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Trefoil Guild

The Trefoil Guild celebrated it's 65th anniversary in 2008. Keynsham Trefoil Guild was formed in 1977/8 by two ex-Guiders. One of our current members was present at that meeting 30 years ago.

Over the years our Guild's aim has been to help and encourage the Guiding movement and join in with activities and fundraising. We walked the Second Severn Crossing in May 1996 and joined the local Brownies on a walk to raise money for the Walace and Gromitt Appeal.

As we've grown older, perhaps we're now not quite as active, but we're still dedicated to promoting the spirit of Guiding.

- Bernice Smith - Chair of 1st Keynsham (Daytime) Trefoil Guild

The Keynsham Ammonites (Evening) Trefoil Guild says the following about itself:

Keynsham Ammonites (Trefoil Guild)

From a discussion between two local Guiders a question arose: might there be Ex-Guiders, present Guiders and other interested local people who would be interested in belonging to an 'evening' Trefoil Guild in Keynsham?

From that moment, really, the Ammonites began to be born! The inaugural meeting was held on '11th night' in a house that was crammed with a huge merry gathering of like-minded women!

Now there is a programme for the next year...and beyond .... a committee has met, finances have been organised and the Keynsham Ammonites have been registered at HQ in London!

Why the name, you ask? Well several others were suggested, but most members liked the relevance of ammonites in Keynsham; there aren't that many places in the UK where you can dig down into your garden and be pretty sure you'll come across one of the large circular fossils of cephalopods that lived here millions of years ago on the sea bed. Look around our town and you'll see evidence that you can do just walls and buildings.

So Keynsham Ammonites (affectionately known as 'the fossils') are here - hopefully to stay.... as long as the ammonites?!

We want to be helpful... and useful in the District, maybe in the County!.... But we're also going to have a real good time enjoying each others' company!

Our next challenge: to find a meeting place that is big enough for us all! If you'd like to come and join us, email us.